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Judaism Pres.

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A. List a timeline for the historical development of the Jewish faith through the present day.

B. List Jewish rituals, practices, key beliefs, and holy days.

C. List issues for Jews today and tomorrow.

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Please see the attached Word document where the material below is found in much better formatting.


Timeline for the Development of the Jewish Faith (ancient dates are approximate, and some are in dispute between different historical chronologers)

1813 Abraham born
1713 Isaac born
1653 Jacob/Israel born
1429 Egyptian slavery of Israel begins
1314 Moses at the burning bush
1280 The Exodus and the Torah given to Israel at Mt. Sinai
1200-1050 Period of the Judges
1010-970 David conquers Jerusalem and makes it the capital
931 Solomon builds Temple
722 Northern tribes taken into Assyrian exile
586 Southern tribes taken into Babylonian exile; Temple destroyed
520-515 Second Temple built
450-500 Reformation led by Ezra and Nehemiah
250-200 Hebrew Scriptures translated into Greek (Septuagint, LXX)
166-160 Maccabean Revolt against Antiochus Epiphanes (Greek/Syrian Empire)
20 Herod begins redesign of Temple in Jerusalem
4 Yeshua ("Jesus") born

30 Yeshua crucified
70 Second Temple destroyed by Romans
132-135 Second Jewish Revolt against Rome
200 Mishna compiled and edited
368 Jerusalem Talmud ...

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