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Developping a PICOT Statement for Nurses' Knowledge of Ulcer Prevention

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Assessment of Nurses' Knowledge and Management of Pressure Ulcer Prevention in An Adult Skilled Nursing Patient

1. What could be your PICOT question/statement? How could you frame it into a more researchable topic?
P -
I -
C -
O -
T -

2. Based on the above, what will be the impact of the problem, and what can you say is the proposed solution from the PICOT statement?

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P - Skilled nursing patients
I - Nurses' with adequate Knowledge of Management and Prevention of Pressure Ulcers
C - Nurses without adequate Knowledge of Management and Prevention of Pressure Ulcers
O - Decreased number of new pressure ulcers. Decreased healing time of current pressure ulcers.
T - One month comparison trial. (Or whatever time frame you feel is appropriate.)

One would first have to find a way to ...

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The solution shows how to pull a PICOT statement from the given topic in 280 words, including a discussion of the impact of the developed problem statement and its possible solution.