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    Quantitative Study: Pressure ulcer development in older residents in nursing homes: influencing factors

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    Please help answer the questions (1-6) at the bottom based on the article:
    KWONG E.W.-Y., PANG S.M. W. -Y. , -C. , ABOO G.H. & LAW S.S. -M. (2009) Pressure
    ulcer development in older residents in nursing homes: influencing factors. Journal
    of Advanced Nursing 65(12), 2608?2620.
    doi: 10.1111/j.1365-2648.2009.05117.x

    1. I need to clarify if these are my Independent variables. Since descriptive study doesn't have a dependent variables (registered nurses, Nursing assistants, perceptions of conscience, stress of conscience and burnout).

    2. Is the treatment (independent variable), clearly described and does it fit the purpose of the study?

    3. Was a protocol developed to promote consistent implementation of the treatment? Did the researcher monitor this implementation? If the treatment was not consistently implemented or monitored, what might be the impact on the findings?

    4. Were threats to internal and external validity identified by the researcher and minimized as much as possible? If not, how is that problematic? What do you see as the threats to intern and external validity?

    5. If more than one group is used, do the groups appear equivalent? If not, how is that problematic?

    6. If a treatment was used, were subjects randomly assigned to the treatment groups? Were the treatment and comparison group assignments appropriate for the purpose of the study? If not, how is that problematic?

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    Overall Limitations of the Study:

    [PAGE OF INTEREST: 2616]

    The limitations of the study are described in depth on page 2616. The article notes that the study itself had several limitations. One of those limitations is the observable quality of care of the home. It was not a blind study, and so the officers in charge of the study, who were fully informed of the study and its purpose, may have exerted more influence and control over the standard of care provided by the nursing assistants to protect the reputations of the nursing homes. This is significant for the study's results because it may have resulted in lower pressure ulcer incidents. Additionally, two limitations or uncontrolled variables the study had (which are not mentioned in the article) may have affected the study's conclusions. The data was only collected from ?residents from four private for-profit nursing homes, we do not know if there are differences between for-profit and non-profit homes (2610). Also, an unaddressed assumption of the study is that the quality of care is directly correlated to nursing certification.

    2. Is the treatment (independent variable), clearly described and does it fit the purpose of the study?

    [PAGES OF INTEREST: 2609 AND 2610]

    This study was not a study in the efficacy of treatment, but rather a study to determine the risk factors for pressure ulcers. These risk factors were identified via ...

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