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    TCM paper guidance

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    The points below are what the paper is focusing on:
    Historical development and evolution of the medical system
    Philosophy of the medical system
    How the therapy is practiced and what constitutes practice of the therapy
    Desired outcomes of the therapy
    Training and qualifications of the practitioner or therapist
    Current licensing, certification, or governmental regulation of the therapy
    Clinical studies documenting the benefits of the therapy

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    Because I don't have your whole paper, I am offering a generic model for your introduction. However, your introduction and conclusion must match your own paper or it will be awkward. After writing your own paper, please send to me as a new posting/Special Request.

    As you brainstorm for your introduction, you first need to catch your reader's attention. You might describe an athlete or person who is suffering from an illness or injury and how he or she seeks acupuncture for relief. You might also refer to Dr. Oz or other celebrities and how they endorse TCM. You might cite an article for more ethos, too.

    After painting a picture of the topic, you can then define it. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is highly controversial yet is gaining more acceptance and popularity in mainstream health and medicine as well as popular culture. In the United States, in particular, TCM is deemed as ...

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