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    Traditional Chinese Medicine

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    Traditional Chinese Medicine:

    Define the philosophy of the medical system.
    Summarize a clinical study documenting the benefits of this therapy.

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    Dao is often described as "the path" or "the way of life" in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and acupuncture, just as its counterpart in ancient India, Ayurveda. The laws of the Dao advocate moderation, living in harmony with nature and striving for balance. Ancient Chinese believed that moderation in all areas of life is essential to a long and fruitful life. We are "fueled" by three treasures: Qi or Chi (pronounced chee), Shen, and Jing. Chi is energy or vital substance, Shen is the spirit, and Jing is our essence. Qi is both the life force (or vital substance) and the organizing principle flowing through all things and ...

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    This solution defines traditional Chinese medicine.