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    Globalization and Influence of Western Culture

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    What non-Western culture still has strong ties to its traditional philosophies, integrates its traditions, philosophy, and medical science with current Western technologies, medical science, and culture?

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    China is a country that is developing at an incredibly fast pace, both economically and in terms of global connectivity. In the larger cities, such as Beijing and Shanghai there is a clear Western imprint. You see McDonalds, plastic surgery clinics, Nike shoe stores, and cell phones everywhere.

    The growth of a media culture means that young Chinese people have more contact than ever with western culture. According to CNNIC statistics, by June 30, 2004, China had had 87 million Internet users, most of them young people. Despite this great exposure to Western influence, China remains a country with deeply rooted traditions and widely followed cultural mores. In contrast to the liberal trends of the 1980's in China, young people today maintain a stronger hold on traditional Chinese values.

    For example, in traditional Chinese culture it is expected that the young will care for and revere the elderly. The younger generations have kept a strong hold on this Chinese value. Many maintain a strong respect for elders, ...

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    Provides a description and analysis of Chinese culture, with a focus on western influence.