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    Credible and reliable information for studying crystals

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    You are asked to create a presentation in which you develop a "Methodology" or a set of criteria that you would use to evaluate and decide whether information you are considering to use are credible or reliable enough for you to use for some purpose.

    You are asked to develop 3 to 5 objective criteria that you would use to make a judgment about a source's credibility. The criterion needs to be general enough so you can use it to evaluate several kinds of sources. Once you developed your criteria, you are then to select a CAM therapy of your choice and review some websites that feature the CAM therapy you selected and evaluate the website using your criteria, explain how you evaluated it, and the conclusion you drew from your evaluation. Was the website and its information credible and reliable and why? Be sure you address the other points requested in the syllabus, such as describing how a consumer's attitudes and beliefs about CAM could hinder objective assessments of reliability, discuss some steps the website can take to increase its credibility and you might consider devising a grading grid or scale to evaluate the website. I recommend checking the syllabus carefully for a clear understanding of the assignment. Also note, for the purpose of this assignment, please do not evaluate a highly regarded site such as the NCCAM website or the NIH website, but choose one that features a CAM therapy instead.

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    Criteria for consideration, in reviewing websites for the selected CAM

    1. How much of the therapy is folk/culturally-based?

    2. Is there evidence or notation of researched-based application?

    3. Are there testimonials available either on the site or upon request? Does the trade allow for validation of the work? In other words are there statistics noted about success rate or value of that trade compared to another?

    4. Is it free and readily available or are supplies and special material required for use of the CAM?

    5. Is there a regional aspect to the therapy or can it be done by anyone anywhere? In other words, are specially trained instructors or facilitators required?

    6. Is the resource online or at a storefront thorough, with questions/answers or a help drop-down option, to allow the visitor to learn more? Or is the information about the service vague and leaving one with insecurity with regard to how safe it might be to use the CAM?

    One of the NCCAM classifications is Mind-body interventions

    Also, category is Energy therapies

    I have selected Crystal Healing to use the questions.

    One of the NCCAM classifications is Mind-body interventions
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Mind-body_interventions ...

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    Using crystal and energy therapy to study and evaluate complimentary medicine.