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    Abortion and Alternatives

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    What is your opinion about abortion and why some women choose abortion over other alternatives. What are some of the alternatives to abortion?

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    One important piece of your question is 'women.' Different generations have had a variety of positions on abortion. At the turn of the century there were more liberal trends, as with the 'Roaring '20s.' There have been conservative eras, as well, such as after the world wars, where girls would 'go away, out of sight' as to not be noticed, when pregnant.

    But then the 'sex, drugs and rock and roll' time came in the 60s where war protesting and burning of bras took place. Liberal sex evolved and things changed. The huge debate ensued and an attempt to do away with back alley abortions was on the forefront. Even today people (women and professionals) attempt to end pregnancies in ways that threaten to put the body at risk. Professionals who choose careers to help those who have found themselves with unplanned pregnancies put themselves at risk due to those who happen to have a different position on abortion.

    The key word here is WOMEN. All one has to do is watch the MTV show, "16 and Pregnant," which is very popular, to understand that it is much more complicated than a woman simply choosing to have an abortion. Many simply are not ready for parenthood, due to financial or emotional development or other reasons. With hormone surges and teen independence, adolescent pregnancy continues to be a challenge for the US more than most other western countries. While the peak of teen pregnancy was in the late '80s, and a variety of reasons have prompted the ...

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    History and the perspective of the mother are discussed.