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A short discussion on the complexities of abortion

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Explain the major factors or historical foundation that contributed to making the selected abortion important for sociological consideration.

Describe how society defines abortion

describe the social category or who are affected by abortion

Two ways of attempting to improve abortion

Discuss how society has changed over time in regard to abortion

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It is unclear if you are to address abortion or the practice of selected abortion which is when people abort a fetus because of a physical defect, a specific health condition like mental retardation, a serious health ailment like a hole in the heart or in some cases, because the fetus is not the gender that the parents wish it to be. Overall, abortion is a controversial subject in society partially due to religious ideologies, partially due to when people believe a fetus is a child and due to the different ways in which society defines complete personhood both medically and legally.

Medically, most people recognize that life begins at birth - when a fetus (or at birth a newborn) can live on its own. Usually this is ...