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    Abortion: Moral Argument

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    Is abortion ethical or morally right or wrong?

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    Ethics & Abortion

    Abortion is the termination of pregnancy before the fetus can fully develop and before normal childbirth can take place. Abortion is one of the most controversial issues in our world today. Does the woman have the ultimate right over her own body (where the pregnancy is taking place) or does the 'new life' - the fetus growing to become an infant in the woman's body have rights, even more? The short-cut positions are pro-life (those that advocate that the fetus is 'human' and must be prioritized over the mother) and pro-choice (those that advocate that the woman has the right to her body as it is her life, foremost). In the US, according to Hinman (2014), "49% of pregnancies were unintended, Of unintended pregnancies, about 40% ended in abortions," largely because it took place among Black and Hispanic women who are often in bad social and financial states that they feel that the pregnancy will only make their lives and their future offsprings miserable and difficult. ...

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