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    Tackling Abortion: Pro-Life vs. Pro-Choice

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    Roe vs. Wade and other ongoing debates demonstrate that the question of the rights of the foetus vs. the rights of mothers (fathers are rarely spoken of) is far from settled. I have to provide a suggestion on what must be done by way of preamble to any such solution.

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    What Must be Done First

    Controversy continues to surround the ethical and legal status of aborting foetuses. Although European countries are more sanguine, the debate is heating up in North America. In the USA, the year 2000 presidential race between Al Gore and Robert Bush is renewing concern that the Roe vs. Wade decision sanctioning abortions will come under renewed scrutiny. In 1998, Canada's Supreme Court ruled that prohibiting abortions was unconstitutional. In 1967, the British Parliament pass The Abortion Act, on the understanding that it would be applied narrowly - a restriction that been largely ignored.

    The result overall, for the last three decades, has been the general availability of abortion on demand across the western world.

    In Canada, the official opposition Reform Party - born again as the Canadian Reform Conservative Alliance in March, 2000 - remains unequivocally pro-life. Both Preston Manning and Stockwell Day, the most likely leadership candidates, are pro-life - and will doubtlessly press for a legislative overhaul should their party win power.

    People concerned with this issue sort into pro-choice and pro-life categories. In political terms, Liberals and NDP's generally claim that abortion is more or less acceptable; while conservatives (however they are named) claim that abortion is more or less wrong. Thus, whether there will be a conversation or a shouting matches depends upon whether individuals are from the ends of these continuums.

    Pro-choicers take it as axiomatic that foetuses are is not yet persons. Consciousness, reasoning, ...

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    The solution is an extensive narrative providing suggestions on tackling the issue of Abortion, the debate between Pro-Life and Pro-Choice movements like that of Roe vs. Wade (US) that demonstrate the question of the right of the mother and the right of the yet unborn child.