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    Pro-Choice: Mother's reserving the right to terminate a pre

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    Using somewhere between 1200-1400 words write a explanation/arqument for each item. Each item SHOULD NOT be 1200-1400 words but when you add them all together be somewhere in this range when done. Please included references if used.

    Pro-Choice: Mother's reserving the right to terminate a pregnancy

    . Critical to women's civil rights.
    A. What is "Pro-Choice?"
    B. Roe versus Wade (1973 Supreme Court Decision)
    C. How Future law changes have created conflicting issues amongst "Pro-life" and "Pro-Choice" supporters.

    Justifiable Circumstances
    A. Woman should not be forced to go through the break of emotional bond that occurs during childbirth with an unwanted baby.
    B. Denying a victim of rape or incest an abortion is inhuman.
    1. Rape
    2. Incest

    Ethical Values
    A. When does life begin?
    B. Fetus is not a separate entity.
    C. Abortions not used as contraceptive method.
    D. Unwanted teen pregnancies have both physical and psychological complications.
    E. Differences in opinions as to when "life" begins.

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    Pro-Choice: Mother's reserving the right to terminate a pregnancy

    I. Critical to Women's Civil Rights

    A. What is "Pro-Choice"?

    Pro-choice is a political, personal and ethical view that states a woman should have total control over her body and thus have a legal right to choose to continue or terminate a pregnancy. It also includes the guarantee of reproductive rights ensuring access to safe and legal abortion, contraception and sexual education and fertility treatments. In addition it supports the guarantee of legal protection from forced abortion.

    The belief that having a child is a personal choice and not one that should be either forced or restricted by law is the premise of the Pro-choice position. The decision to have a child affects the physical body and health of the mother and the future of both child and mother and hold to the belief that both parents' and children benefit for the availability of safe and legal abortions. Pro-choice advocates contend that abortions are inevitable and necessary in certain cases (as will be discussed below) and the restriction of these legal services will force women to seek out illegal means to obtain the service which will lead to medical complications and deaths.

    An important distinction should be made in the definition of Pro-choice: supporters of Pro-choice ideology do not consider themselves as "Pro-abortion". In fact, in several cases it is the opposite. In some cases, Pro-choice advocates are morally opposed to all abortions but believe that a ban on abortions would place the lives of many women at great risk and force "back-alley abortions" upon those women who find themselves in desperate situations with no legal alternative available.

    B. Roe vs. Wade (1973 Supreme Court Decision)

    On January 22, 1973, the historic and controversial Supreme Court decision which overturned an interpretation of the abortion law in Texas, made abortion legal in the United States. Based upon the right to privacy laws outlined in the Constitution, Roe v. Wade states the a women, in concurrence with her medical doctor, could elect to terminate a pregnancy by means of abortion in the early months of pregnancy without restriction, and in later months with certain restrictions.

    The decision effectively invalidated all state laws limiting a women's access to abortion during the first ...

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    Short paper outlining some of the critical factors in the Pro-choice stance in the abortion rights debate. Topic headings:
    I. Critical to women's civil rights.
    II. Justifiable Circumstances
    III. Ethical Values