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Code of Ethics in Addressing an Ethical Issue

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I need help on how to approach the following assignment:

- Identify and clearly describe an ethical issue.
- Articulate a code of ethics that you feel is appropriate to address the ethical issue.
- Apply your code of ethics, along with concepts of leadership and integrity to arrive at your ultimate resolution to the ethical issue chosen.

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In approximately 550 words, this solution provides guidance on writing about an ethical issue. Possible topics are considered and an example of how to approach the paper and identify a code of ethics and reach an ultimate resolution is provided.

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An ethical issue is basically a moral question to which you have an answer, which is based on what your concept of right and wrong is or needs to be. Some ethical issue would be; is a woman's right to abortion morally right? Is it her right to choose or is it murder? Is murder wrong, no matter what the case? Is it morally right in cases of self-defense? Is it morally right to kill a person in war? Is human euthanasia, or assisted suicide, morally wrong? Is it wrong for a doctor to assist a person in his/her attempt to die with dignity when they are terminally ill and in unbearable pain or is this wrong? Is the death penalty wrong? Or is it right only in certain cases? etc., etc...

You may take one of these ethical issues and comment ...

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