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    What ethical issues are related to informed consent?

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    Informed consent refers to the practice used by professionals and practitioners to advise patients of their rights, and provide protection against harm during the provision of treatment and/or service. Summarized (paraphrased here) are ethical guidelines outlined in the American Psychological Association's (2002) Code of Ethics, (apa.org, APA, 2010):

    (a)Psychologists are to obtain informed consent in counseling, counseling services, electronic transmionn of data, and utilize language that is understandable to the client, (b) they provide appropriate explanation for persons who have diminished capacity to provide consent, and obtain information through a legally authorized person, (c) they explain the limit to which they are required to maintain confidentiality, and (d) Finally, psychologists must provide appropriate written consent, or documented oral consent that shows the client's permission and assent. In addition, they follow the mandate of state and federal laws in efforts to protect the ...

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    This soltuion discusses ethical issues related to informed consent.