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    Organizational Ethics Issue Resolution

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    I have to select an organization ethics issue. I also have to apply each of the six ethical decision-making steps to my issue and structure it so it has six distinct parts that correlate to the following items:

    a. Issue Clarification

    b. Stakeholder Analysis

    c. Values identification

    d. Issue Resolution

    e. Addressing Objections

    f. Resolution Implementation

    Preferred Organizations to choose from would be McDonalds, Memorial Hermann Hospital, or Verizon Wireless

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    //Prior to write about Organizational Ethics Issue Resolution, we need to understand the meaning of 'ethics'. So, firstly, I will give an idea about ethics and information about the company that is McDonalds, for writing on the particular issue.//

    Ethics are the morale of the society established to handle things in a right and ethical way. I have chosen ethical issue of Mc Donald to discuss about the ethical decision making process. This paper also deals with different ethical implications along with the ethical issue and their clarifications.

    //Above, we discussed about the ethics. As per the directions, now we will discuss about the issue clarification and stakeholder analysis at Mc Donald's.//

    Issue clarification

    Ethical issue in Mc Donald is based on the fact that their products such as Beef Fries are made of beef. To treat with the animals in a horrible manner just for the sake of the product and company profit is not in accordance with the ethical standards. There is also an unfair treatment with the human workers at this organization, which is unethical (The McDonald's 'Beef Fries' Controversy, 2006).

    Stakeholder analysis

    There are mainly three categories of stakeholders: primary, secondary and key stakeholders. Stakeholder analysis involves the study of different groups, such as employees, customers and ...

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