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Organizational Ethics and Prevailing Values

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1. What has been the prevailing value/ethical system in the companies where you have worked?
2. Does your employer pressure you to abandon your personal moral code of ethics? If so, how? What can you do to resist the pressure?
3. Have you ever been part of a workplace group that was victimized by group think? Which symptoms were present? How did they affect the group's ethical decisions and actions?
4. Identify holiness concerns in your workplace and discuss how these have or have not been addressed.
5. Identify a situation in your work environment that raised justice concerns and describe its resolution. Was the resolution just?
6. Identify any abuses of love that you have seen in your workplace and describe how these were or were not resolved.
7. What barriers limit your ability to live out your vocation at work?
8. Identify actions that you have observed in the workplace that were legal but less than ethical. What short-term or long-term consequences have these actions caused?
9. Describe a workplace deception you have witnessed. Did it undercut trust, community, and the dignity rights of others? What other impacts did it have?
10. Develop an ethical code based on Johnson Chapter 9 guidelines. What are its strengths and weaknesses? How useful would it be to members of your organization?

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