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    Coca Cola’s mission, vision, SWOT, strategy & strategic choices

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    After looking into Coca Cola's Organization and becoming familiar with the mission, vision, SWOT, strategy, and strategic choices within itself. After researching the structure, systems, people, and culture at the company I became baffled on a few unanswered questions that you might be able to answer.

    1. What are Coca-Cola Company's organizational design, key strategic control systems (e.g., budgeting and variance analysis systems), primary human resources concerns, and cultural factors, and the effect that these have had on the implementation of the Coca-Cola Company's strategy? Please elaborate

    2. After looking into Coca-Cola Company's organization, based on your assessment or evaluation please critically evaluate the fit—or the lack of fit—between the company's mission, strategy, and organizational components crucial to implementation. Do these components complement the strategy? Why or why not?

    3. I went to this website https://www.scu.edu/ethics/focus-areas/business-ethics/strategic-plan.html looking for articles on the thirteen ethical "prescriptions" so that I may be able to discuss the extent which the company's sense of business ethics has been embedded within its strategic management process but was unable to view the site. Do you have any insight on the thirteen ethical prescriptions? Please elaborate

    4. If you were the CEO of the company what changes would you—as the CEO—make to better assure the success of the company's strategy? Please elaborate

    Thank you

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    //The organizational design is important in understanding the structure and the roles and responsibilities of the personnel. In this context, in the following discussion, organizational design of Coca-Cola has been discussed. Further, the discussion has been extended to the control systems, human resource concerns, and cultural factors.//

    An organization is made up of different departments vested with specific responsibilities that are arranged in a hierarchy. The organizational design relates to the structure with which the organization is operating. The organizational structures are of two types, namely functional and divisional (Kesler & Kates, 2010). The functional organizational structure is formed based on the basic functions of the organization such as production, operation, marketing, and finance. Coca-Cola is a multinational company engaged in beverage production and distribution worldwide (Annual Report Coca-Cola, 2014).
    The organizational design of Coca-Cola involves both, functional, as well as divisional structures. In the functional structure, the company has separately dedicated production, marketing and distribution, and administration department. The divisional structure of the company involves many subsidiaries operating in the different parts of the world. Coca-Cola has subsidiaries, namely 3E (Cyprus) Limited and Coca-Cola HBC holding, which are engaged in the production and marketing of Coca-Cola products (Annual Report Coca-Cola, 2014).
    (See the table)
    Figure: Coca Cola Organizational Chart
    It is pertinent to implement strategic controls to ensure that the plans and policies framed by the management are acted upon in the manner specified. Budget and variance analysis is one of the tools used for controlling the use of financial resources. Coca-Cola has the system of budgetary to control the spending on production and marketing of the products. The variance analysis provides the managers an insight to the reasons of over or under spending based on which the managers take corrective actions.
    The primary human resource concern in Coca-Cola is to recruit the right candidates, who are creative and ...

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