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    Outline for an Argumentative Paper

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    Outline for an argumentative paper is modeled.

    Topic: "The right to have an abortion."

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    Essay Topic: The Right to Have an Abortion

    I suggest that you do add sources/references to support your opinion.
    Why do you think women should have the right to an abortion? You will have to answer this question for yourself but I will give you an example of what one might think.
    I think women should be able to choose to have an abortion if their health is in jeopardy or the pregnancy is a result of a sexual adult. I will use this information to support the paper.
    ? A tentative thesis that states the topic or issue and the position you wish to support in your paper.
    To answer these questions I would define abortion and mention the different types of abortion that you want to focus on. You may also want to include the others arguments such as the dangers for the women and the harm to the fetus. You may also want to mention the abortion methods used by doctors, the ...

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