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    Guns and Violence

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    I need to develop a thesis statement based on any evidence you gathered. Your personal opinion matters here but go farther by testing your opinions against evidence.

    In the introduction, talk about what topic that was chosen, the thesis and briefly mention how you intend to support the thesis.
    The background, what are some opinions that are out there regarding â??do guns cause violenceâ?.

    The arguments with a minimum of 4 arguments, but if there is more and is important please include them. Make sure to include enough proof to back up the arguments.

    The opposing arguments, please include them

    The conclusion, just restate the major arguments in support of the thesis and donâ??t forget to restate the thesis.

    Please include an outline and a work cited page. Thank you

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    A argumentative paper that presents arguments for and against a statement that :Guns cause Violence."