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    Gun control debate

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    Should there be more restrictions on who is allowed to purchase firearms? Why or why not? What additional restrictions for firearm control might be more effective?

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    According to Freedman, the following are allowed to buy a gun legally unless prohibited by state, federal or local laws:
    • 18 or older to buy a rifle or shotgun
    • 21 or older for a handgun
    • Gun must be purchased from a federally-licensed dealer
    • Must submit to a background check using FBI database
    Furthermore, he stated the categories of people who are not allowed to purchase guns under the federal Gun Control Act of 1968:
    Fugitives, illegal aliens, those from mental ...

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    This solution discusses whether there should be more restrictions on who is allowed to purchase firearms. It discusses the federal Gun Control Act of 1968 and provides 3 references.