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    Law Enforcement: Gun Control

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    Can you please provide information on each the following topics and please provide a reference for each.

    1. What are some issues surrounding college campuses and government agencies that allow gun access? Focus on their arguments against carrying guns.

    2. Analyze issues that government agencies have with allowing gun access.

    3. Explore the significance of President Bush's signing of the carry permits for all sworn law enforcement.

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    1. There are several issues that college campuses have with allowing gun access. These arguments are allowing guns on college campuses would lead to tragic consequences. It would put university students, faculty, and staff at risk. Also, allowing gun access would lead to an escalation in violent crime. One issue that those that argue against college campuses allowing gun access is that guns on campus would lead to a higher number of suicides by college students. Allowing gun access on campuses it is argued is dangerous because colleges are too crowded (a). They are too crowded to safely allow carrying of guns. Further, it is argued that guns on campus would distract from the learning environment. Moreover, a dangerous person might jump someone who is carrying a gun, take the gun and use it to do harm. In addition, there is the danger that a person with a gun could lose mental balance and go on a killing spree. It is argued that a gun on campus might go off suddenly, a gun might be stolen from a dorm, and campuses are emotionally charged environments. Overall, college campuses have strong issues about allowing gun access.

    Government agencies argue that allowing gun access can harm lives. Government agencies argue that massacres use legal weapons. ...

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    This solution explains gun access arguments in college campuses and by government agencies. The sources used are also included in the solution.