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Policy affecting all levels of government

Often one issue, policy, regulation, or law affects multiple levels of government or multiple government agencies. It is important to examine the effects because they could have a drastic impact on the effectiveness or success of the intended initiative.

Select one issue, policy, regulation, law, or program that affects multiple levels of government or multiple government agencies. This asks you to examine how that one initiative impacts at least three government agencies. For instance, taxes affect local, state, and federal government agencies. Other examples of initiatives include:
- Combating unemployment
- Clean water initiatives
- Interstate transportation (rail/highway)
- Terrorism
Use the chart provided to examine the effects of one initiative (attached)
Within the chart, describe the initiative and list how that initiative impacts each agency. Include at least five descriptive factors (by using complete sentences) that impact each agency.


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List and Describe Initiative:
Gun Control - all gun owners must be registered and guns owned must be registered and tracked. Gun ownership is not limited except in terms of assault weapons and magazine size, but every owner must have appropriate registrations for themselves and their weapons.

Department of Justice
1. Creating and establishing gun registries for every state, including state reporting
2. Overseeing the control of ...

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