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    Presidential Debates 2012

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    Watch any 15 minute segment during one of Obama and Romney debates. What was the premise? Was there a conclusion? What did you think about it?

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    I watched the last fifteen minutes of the second Presidential Debate held October 16th, 2012. The candidates discussed automatic weapons and gun control, bringing trade back to the United States, education, and overall philosophy. Obama's premise is that the economy and society in general cannot succeed without proper investment. We must enforce the laws we have, invest in schools, and work to train Americans to learn skills for better jobs. The government is not giving handouts; it is helping those of us who need a helping hand. The economy needs a strong middle class to grow, and people are worse off if others in the country are suffering.

    Romney's ...

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    This solution evaluates the premise of a 15 minute segment of an Obama/Romney presidential debate and evaluates if there was a conclusion, and discusses personal thoughts. APA reference included.