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Presidential Debate vs Theology Criminology

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Apply a theory or theories of criminology to Presidential Debate.

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Presidential debate vs. the theology criminology is examined in the solution.

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In Presidential Debates candidates often attempt to frame the topic. Topics must have salience in public opinion and this predicates the candidates' attention. Two topics that are always able to be manipulated and condition voters' receptiveness to debate rhetoric are crime and taxes. Therefore, in this vernacular, YOU must understand that applying criminology theory in Presidential Debates is relative to manipulating the theory to safely frame the candidates' positions while pandering to a sense of fear in the public of crime, but not acknowledging the entire theory in its entirety.

Framing enables a candidate to offer a significant element of agenda control such as in the 1988 presidential campaign when George H.W. Bush used the case of Willie Horton to frame crime in terms of public safety and race. Using the theoretical framework that minorities from lower socioeconomic areas, primarily African Americans, were a threat to public safety because of ...

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