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Stages of a US Presidential Election

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Explain the stages of election in a presidential campaign, from nomination to Electoral College. Discuss some of the strategies that have proven as most effective for successful election.

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This is a 685-word solution that recounts and explains the stages of a US presidential election including strategies employed by candidates and parties to gain electoral advantage. References are listed for expansion. A word version of the solution is attached for easy printing.

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Stages of a US Presidential Campaign

In the US, the Official campaign for the Presidential Office begins when a potential candidate announces his intent to run for office. An official campaign launch soon follows where volunteers, supporters and a full team is organized by the candidate and his allies. The candidate becomes active in the social scene, participating in debates, giving out speeches at key events and works towards mingling with as much of the constituents as possible from small events in communities (i.e. Town Hall events) to state-wide and nationwide events. What this is about is a campaign to get the candidate the nomination in his party. At this point, the candidate is competing with other party members who have also announced their intent to run as the nominee for their party (i.e. Barack Obama vs. Hillary Clinton for the Democratic ...

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