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The Electoral College: An overview

There is a big controversy currently about the Electoral College. Briefly explain how the EC works. Why should we keep Electoral College in the U.S. Presidential elections?

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The Electoral College

When citizens of the United States of America vote in a Presidential and a Vice Presidential election, they are not actually voting for the President of their choice -- not directly anyway. Rather, they are actually voting for a representative from their state known as an "elector."

Generally speaking, in almost all states (except Maine and Nebraska), the plurality winner of the popular vote for the President within that state receives all of that state's electors. Therefore, it's pretty well an "all or none" system.

After the election, in each state capital, the state electors meet (in December) to cast their vote for President and Vice President. This occurs 41 days after the actual election. Therefore, it is important to ...

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The solution provides expert assistance explainng what the Electoral College is, its mandate, responsibilities and how/why it works (see original problem). The solution further discusses the role of the Electoral College in suffrage and in choosing who should be US President.