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Electoral College: Good or Bad?

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Research the history of the Electoral College and find specific evidence that either proves or disproves the following statement: the Electoral College is a more effective system for electing a president than a popular vote would be. I need help getting started on this problem. I have a terrible time getting my thiesis statement written and finding really good refrences. my deadline is in 2 days so please help me.

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Update: Thanks for the feedback. I actually signed this out and completed it before you had posted the actual paper, so I didn't know which way you were going to argue on it. The assignment said to "prove or disprove", so you could have done either. As I pointed out in the paper edit, you chose the more difficult one, but between the postings we've been able to get you on a much better standing. I noticed the scores of 3, and 4. If there is anything else you need clarification on that would improve those scores, please let me know, as we always strive for 5s here.

Thank you for posting today. It is my goal to provide ideas, definitions, research help, and instructions on how you, the student, should approach the assignment.

Let's first look at the statement we are trying to prove or disprove:

"the Electoral College is a more effective system for electing a president than a popular vote would be"

That, when changed slightly, actually becomes your Thesis Statement. The question becomes one of "what do you beleive?". I, personally, think that the electoral college is not an effective system for electing a president. I'll go into detail in a moment, but using that standpoint, my thesis statement would be:

"The Electoral College is not a more effective system for electing a president than a popular vote, as shown by examples in recent and past history."

Since you have trouble with thesis statements, I'll address that first, and then we will come back to the research stuff. Thesis statements are actually very simple to write. A thesis statement is simply a ...

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