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Electoral College and Media's Influence in Campaigns

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Please include references;

1. Much has been made of possible Electoral College reform with regards to the 2000 election. Is there room for Electoral College reform? Do we actually need Electoral College reform? What would be the consequence of replacing the Electoral College with direct election?

2. How do media and advertising influence campaigning? Are these positive or negative influences? What roles do they play in the campaign process?

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Question 1:

Is there room for Electoral College reform? Yes, there is. Most proponents of reform tend to propose a direct election system whereby the winner is the candidate who receives the most votes.

Do we actually need Electoral College reform? There are multiple arguments for and against. Defenders of the current system will asset that it's correct "92%" of the time. We have had 46 out of 50 elections using the system that have been uncontested. However, proponents for change will point out that it is possible for a candidate to have the majority of the vote, but still lose in the electoral college due to how electoral college votes are allocated.

What would be the consequence of replacing the Electoral College with direct election?
The consequences would be fairly straightforward. Once results are certified, the President-elect and Vice-President elect gain those positions without having to wait ...

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