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Electoral College system

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I need help with a persuasive research paper. Following is my thesis statement:

My paper will take a comprehensive look at how the voting process in the United States operates, but will primarily concentrate on the advantages and disadvantages of the Electoral College including why America may have outgrown this voting system.

It needs written in the third person as well as APA Format and include references from:

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The response addresses the queries posted in 2834 words with references.

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The response addresses the queries posted in 2834 words with references.

//Before writing about the voting process of America, it is essential to have a thesis statement. This thesis statement will help in order to perform the research on the voting system of America in an effective manner//

Thesis Statement

The voting process in the US and the Advantages and disadvantages of the Electoral College along with the rational of America outgrown in context of the voting system is assessed.

//Above is the discussion of thesis statement. Moving to the next directions, explanation about the voting system operation of the US is to be discussed//

Voting Process of the US

Voting process of the US is open to the individuals or citizens of the country. US citizens of 18 or older age are eligible to vote in the election period for the federal and state government. Voting process consist of primary, run off and special elections, which occur throughout the year in the US. Eligibility and residency requirements of voting are decided by the US states. Citizens of the US vote to elect the President and Vice President. The vote given by the citizens of the US is known as popular vote. Citizens of each state of the US elect the members of US congress through the direct popular elections. After the voting, congress members express or respond their wishes by electing the President and Vice President of the US. Votes are given by the people of the US are which are used to elect the President and Vice President in an indirect manner.

Electoral College system is the main component of the voting process in the US. There are 538 electors in the US. Member, who wins 270 or more, is elected first. The Electoral College system was developed in Article II of the Constitution. It was amended in 12th amendment in 1804. Each state of the US gets a number of electors, which is equal to the number of members in the US House of Representatives along with the two US senators. Each elector of the state gets one vote from the elections as a part of the voting process. House of Representatives decide the time of elections occur in the US (National archives and records administration, 2008).

Electoral College performs the main function of electing the President and Vice President of the US. Electoral College is a process, which starts as a component of the US constitution.

The decision to choose state electors is left upon the legislator of each state. Different states of the US follow different methods for election. Congress members and federal employees are restricted to serve as an elector for maintaining the balance between the executive branches and legislative of the federal government. Citizens of the US first vote for the electors, who vote for the President and Vice President after it. Candidates for the position of electors are first nominated by the political parties of the state at the time prior to the election month. Constitution of the US assigns the authority to the state for nominating and selecting the electors. In some of the states, electors are nominated in primaries (Longley, 2009).

States like Oklahoma, Carolina and Virginia use to nominate their electors in party conventions. All of the states select their electors through popular elections on that data, which is specified by the federal legal constitution. Existing system of electing the members is known as short ballot. In all states, people choose among the states of candidates for associated elector. Only few states of the US list the electors name on ballot.

After it, chosen electors meet on their respective capital of state on Monday, after the second Wednesday of December. At this particular day, the selected electors cast their votes on different ballots for the selection of the President and Vice President. Electors follow the same steps during the meeting for electing the President and Vice President. Constitution of the US has authorized congress members to regulate the process or procedure that the states follow in their meetings. Meeting of electors is opened or initiated by the Election Certification Official, who is the secretary of state and reads the ascertainment of certification. Next step is the selection of a Chairmen and President of the meeting and sometimes only the Chairmen. Electors sometimes choose a secretary to take the moment of the meeting. In most of the states, political officers give a short speech at the time of the voting processing. At the time of balloting, electors select one or two people as a ...

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