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characteristics that differentiate a debate from a discussion

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Please provide a substantiated response with a literature reference list to the following:

What is the process used to make the distinction between what constitutes a debate and a discussion? How could organizational cultural influence what is seen as a debate and a discussion? What personal values are influential in differentiating a debate and a discussion?

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Traits that differentiate a debate from a discussion are reiterated.

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Characteristics differentiation of a debate and discussion:

In the debate the parties take two opposing sides on the topic to establish various separate answers. The debate conversations require the involved persons to argue against each other so that the winner can be attained and not to find a basic ground of reasoning. Debates hold the tendency of being intense since the involved parties thrive in the search for flaws with the other party. To give an example of debate that is usually intense in this case is the Unites States Presidential Debate. At this arena the presidential candidates, look for the weaknesses of the other party and stress the disagreement that exists between their separate points of view. Debates also advocate for the focus on one perspective or opinion and not a multiple (Discussion vs., 2008).

A Discussion:

This is an open ended exchange of views, ideas and opinions about a subject in all the aspects of life. The discussion results in the attaining of agreements between the parties on the basis of the presented ideas. The conversation is aimed at seeking answers and solutions to problems by the act of persuading the other party to contribute their ideas. Sharing information makes the entities involved to relate in a positive manner and engage in the solving of the problems that might a rise in ...

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