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    Politics & the Media

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    Discuss the ways in which a candidate can use media in order to express their message, including air, ground, and web based media. Explain the role of partisan views with these systems

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    A candidate in today's world can express his or her message many ways. This includes air (Television and both traditional radio waves and satellite radio), ground, speeches and print, and web based media including traditional web sites, blogs, Skype and other live web based means. For air, he or she can have their live or pre-recorded debates broadcast on television through antennae mode, cable mode and satellite mode as well as radio via AM, FM and satellite. Their debates are often (I'm referring to presidential candidates here) on both public and private radio stations too. They (the politicians) can also have their commercials broadcast on all these forms of media, as well as the web. The web also allows for the debates to be shown too (both live and pre-recorded). Also, candidates (or a partisan group) can sponsor negative TV, radio and internet (both print and spoken) ads directed towards their political opponents ...

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    The solution discusses the ways a political candidate use the media for their message/campaign.