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    Violence in the United States

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    You are working as a research assistant to a senior researcher for the National Institute of Justice who has recently been assigned to a task force project on violence in the United States. Your supervisor asks you to begin preliminary research for the project by creating a PowerPoint presentation with some of the other research assistants. Assume that your fellow group members are the other research assistants and that you have been asked to provide a PowerPoint presentation as a team, describing violence in the United States. Be sure to include the following:

    Describe the rates of violence (murder, aggravated assault, rape, robbery) in the United States, and compare them to at least 2 other industrialized countries.

    Discuss some of the difficulties of comparing crime rates across countries.

    Describe some of the macro-level social and economic factors that differentiate the United States from other countries.

    Discuss some of the potential reasons for the United States' high violence rate in comparison to other industrialized countries.

    Discuss which criminological theories may be used to explain the United States' high rate of violence.

    Individual Portion:

    Write a description on how you would like to present the presentation about crime rates. What should be your points of emphasis pertaining to reasons and specific data on crime rates?

    Write an outline on how you would like the PowerPoint to be constructed for this specific topic. Why you want it this way should be explained in a brief manner in the outline.

    Write a bulleted list comparing and contrasting the United States' crime rates with other countries around the world.

    Discuss your deliverables, and make decisions on what should be included in the PowerPoint presentation.

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    Describe the rates of violence (murder, aggravated assault, rape, robbery) in the United States, and compare them to at least 2 other industrialized countries.

    In the United States, the rates of murder, aggravated assault, rape, and robbery are exponentially higher than in countries such as Great Britain and Japan. Several of the factors that contribute to these differentiating incidents of crime include the number of residents in each country, the availability of guns, and socioeconomic policies that either promote or discourage social assistance for the neediest in society. In the U.S., there exist little to zero social nets for those that are disadvantaged economically and marginalized; therefore, they are forced to choose between entering into the criminal market to attempt to attain the "American Dream" as the legal means for obtaining this dream is barred due to social and economic exclusion. The wide availability of guns is also a reason why American violence is higher than many other places around the world as the ease of obtaining firearms contributes to more murders and violent assaults.

    In Japan, the social net is securely in place wherein those with lesser economic means don't have to resort to crime for economic means and are able to live within the social safety net provided by the Japanese government. This net prevents the pervasive crimes that lead to high rates of murder and other crimes committed out of necessity for economic means. In addition, the lack of availability to guns is a deterrent to violent crime.

    The social net in Britain isn't as assistive as in Japan but their lack of guns and large usage of invasive technology to record their citizens' plays an important role in the prevention of crimes such as those violent crimes synonymous with the United States. In ...

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