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Violence in the US

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I have to create an 8-10 slide PowerPoint presentation describing violence in the United States. Be sure to include the following and use academic sources or real-life empirical examples to accentuate and support your findings and presentation. The following questions to be answered are:
Describe the rates of violence (murder, aggravated assault, rape, robbery) in the United States, and compare them to at least 2 other industrialized countries.
Discuss some of the difficulties of comparing crime rates across countries.
Describe some of the macro-level social and economic factors that differentiate the United States from other countries.
Discuss some of the potential reasons for the United States' high violence rate in comparison to other industrialized countries.
Discuss which criminological theories may be used to explain the United States' high rate of violence.

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Presentation on causes of crime and a comparative analysis with the ROC and Ukraine.

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