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Criminological Enterprise

Post a 200- to 300-word response to the Critical Thinking questions for The Criminological Enterprise: Violent Land on p. 339 of the Criminology text. TEXT IS ATTACHMENT:

1. According to Courtwright, crime rates were exceedingly high in the nineteenth century before TV, movies, and rap videos had been created. What, if anything, does this say about the effect of media on crime?

2. What were some of the other factors that provoked violence?
Do you think that these factors still cause violence today?


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Courtwright makes a very interesting point about violence and the 19th century. Courtwright contends that the crime rates were very high during this time due to the amount of testosterone, or number of men versus the number of women; however, I do not believe that it was as simple as the issues of marriage and family life. While it does appear that marriage and family life have an effect on the temperament of the male gender, knowledge and education also play an important role. What I mean by this is that now we know more about drinking, smoking, and other vices that change our behavior and have had the opportunity to learn from these activities. In addition, as we saw an emergence of more educated men as well. These progresses have a lot to do with the media, the movies and the event of television.
In regards to the media, movies, and television I do not believe they have had an effect on the increase or decrease in violence and crime directly. What I do believe is that with ...

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