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multiple drivers of political violence in America

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Principle drivers behind the political violence in the US in the last 300 years

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There are multiple drivers of political violence in America.
In early America, there was social class riots between rich and poor in the colonies that was another driver.The most notable is of course slavery insurrection against white Americans and the reaction of white racist. There are also lynching of blacks which also involved rape, robbery, and exploitation of blacks as well as forbidding to vote etc after the reconstruction period. There has been religious conflicts between the Protestant Americans against the Irish Catholics, Mormons, and other religious groups. Italian Americans, and Chicanos had violence encapsulated in the West Side Story. There were Nativists violence against Japanese and Chinese during the anti-immigration acts. Also, the internment camps were a form of political violence. Of course, the most famous political driver was the ...

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Who are the multiple drivers of political violence in America?

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