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Hofstede's Four Dimensions

Leslie Igles is being sent to Ireland as the new manager of a local subsidiary of a U.S. firm. She has a participatory management style and is known for her ability to relate to the workers by occasionally stepping in and working along side of them. Answer the following True and False questions using Hofstede's Four Dimensions.

T F 1. This management style will not work well with Ireland's Power Distance rating.

T F 2. Uncertainty Avoidance levels in Ireland will make it difficult for Leslie to make changes.

T F 3. The Individualism level in Ireland indicates that group decision making will not be successful there.
T F 4. Ireland has a higher level of masculinity than Canada.

1. The major globalization drivers include all of the following except:
A) Social
B) Political
C) Technological
D) Market
E) None. All of the above are major kinds of globalization drivers.

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The following are the answers for five multiple-choice questions:

1. False.

Ireland has a high power distance rating, making participatory management ...

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