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    Hofstede's cultural dimensions relate to actual leader behavior

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    Write a paper (plus a bibliography) on how Hofstede's cultural dimensions relate to actual business leader/manager behaviors?do these value statement ratings by the respondents really transfer into actual leadership behavior patterns (any evidence of this?).

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    Hofstede (1980, 2001) presented cultural dimensions which have considerable impact on workplace behaviour and five of these are power distance individualism, uncertainty avoidance, masculinity and long term orientation. Therefore, it is important for human resource practitioners to establish relationship between these cultural dimensions with success. Tang and Koveos (2008) stated that "[if] national cultural values do in fact correlate with national wealth, it is reasonable to speculate that at least some of Hofstede's cultural dimensions have changed over time in absolute as well as relative terms" (p. 1045). Hence, it is highly probable, given the highly dynamic environment today, that some of Hofstede's value statement ratings might not really transfer into actual leadership behaviour patterns.

    Nevertheless, Hofstede's proposition that practices are different from countries to another and that these practices should be really different. For example, it was observed in China power distance and long term orientation is higher and individualism is lower compared to the United States (Conte & Novello, 2008, p. 1002). ...

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