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    How Masculinity and Violence are Valued in the United States

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    Explain how our idea of masculinity values various forms of violence, and how our idea of femininity turns women into victims. Can you see this in your own life--whether you are a woman or a man? How? If you feel comfortable, try to give some specific examples.

    Look for some online resources that suggest what we can do in the United States to end the cycle. Briefly describe some ideas from these resources that you think would work, and explain why you think they would work.

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    I think that our idea of masculinity values various forms of violence, due to the fact that our idea of masculinity is steeped in rewarding aggression and domination. This can be readily seen by the tens of millions of dollars that some professional fighters receive for a single boxing match. In addition, we provide outstanding football players with lucrative contracts and superstar status, and reward our most aggressive and courageous soldiers with medals. Our idea that females should be ...

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    This solution describes how masculinity and violence seem to be valued in the United States.