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    General Outline, Guidelines, Suggestions for Writing an Argumentative/Persuasive Essay on Traditional or Distance Education

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    I need help writing a 1-2 pg argumentative essay on traditional or distance education.

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    Argumentative Essay: Traditional or Distance Education

    Whichever type of education you choose to write about, you can follow the general outline provided below. To illustrate, I have selected distance education and outlined the topics to include in a 1-2 page paper arguing the benefits of distance education over traditional. However, you can easily switch traditional and distance education with one another to write an argumentative essay in favor of traditional education over distance. I have listed three main points to be covered in the paper. Depending on how much you write in each paragraph, you can add more benefits or eliminate some to fit the 1-2 page length requirement. I recommend a new paragraph for each benefit/advantage of distance/traditional education. Additionally, paragraphs with at least ...

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    This library solution provides suggestions for writing an argumentative/persuasive essay or short paper about either traditional or distance education. A general outline is provided for what might be discussed in each paragraph.