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    How to Write an Argumentative Essay

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    How would you go about writing an essay that aims to ultimately persuade an audience to your point of view?

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    It is a rather time consuming task having to write a persuasive essay. It depends on the topic you choose to write about as well; if you're concerned about how much time you'll need to complete this task, then I'd suggest you follow the next several steps to help you succeed:

    A. Always start with brainstorming your ideas rather than staring at the computer or at a piece of paper. By this step, you will need to start jotting down any ideas you may have about a passionate topic you are very knowledgeable of so that you won't run out of ideas to write about. An example of a brainstorming activity would be the following: creating a list from numbers 1-12 where you will fill in 12 pieces of detail about the passionate topic you want to address in a 5-paragraph essay format.

    B. Standard college academic writing is always set in the 5-paragraph format where you start with an Introduction paragraph that ends with ...

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