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    Song Lyrics and Abortion

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    Choose the lyrics from any song that best depicts the topic of abortion. Explain why you think these lyrics relate to the topic of abortion and in what way.

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    I found this song and thought it was very appropriate for this assignment. I hope that you agree!

    I'm just a little baby girl
    Waiting to come into this world
    Oh Mama, can you hear me?
    Conceived by the Father's hand
    I'm part of the Master's loving plan
    Oh Mama, can you hear me?

    Your heartbeat is a comfort song for me
    This world is where I so long to be
    Oh Mama, can you hear me?
    If you could only look into my eyes
    I know you would not believe the lies
    Oh Mama, can you hear me?
    Oh Mama, hear my cry, ...

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    The expert chooses the lyrics from any songs that best depict the topic of abortion.