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    "This Side of Paradise" by Fitzgerald and a song analysis

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    Many of the elements of literature can be found in various other formats. Lyrics, movies, and even television shows all spring from the written word. Select a song, movie, or television show and discuss how one of the literary elements contributes to the power of the work. You will need to be specific, so you are certainly welcome to focus on a specific episode or even a certain line of a song. Please include a link, if possible, so that everyone can get a clear picture of what you're discussing.

    Select at least three elements you have noticed in, "This Side of Paradise." Provide specific cited examples that demonstrate the author's use of that element and explain the overall impact.

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    As you select a song and discuss how one of the literary elements contributes to the power of the work, I love the song, "Same Love," by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. To me, resonates with eminent literary elements such as great personification with "America the brave Still fears, what, we don't know..."

    Just as Fitzgerald's novel showed changes in American ideologies in its themes and characterization, this song ...

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    A song analysis is presented in this solution as well as a brief 300 word discussion of three elements noticed in "This Side of Paradise" by Fitzgerald.