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How views of family and motherhood are shaped.

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How does personal experience shape one's view of family and motherhood?

One may begin to answer this question by examining the works of three authors -- Luker, Edin, and Kohn -- which describe how abortion, poverty, and social class may affect how one views family and participates in family experiences.

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This solution uses three articles to discuss how abortion, poverty, and social class affect the question of how personal experience shapes one's view of family and motherhood. The text contains 550 words.

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Many sociologists have claimed that our personal ideologies stem from our social location in one way or another. In their articles, Kristin Luker, Melvin Kohn, and Kathy Edin all show that this is so with regard to our schema of family, and describe how this phenomenon relates to our particular family experience.

In "Motherhood and Morality in America", Kristin Luker argues that the debate surrounding abortion revolves around two different types of motherhood by women of two different social worlds. The pro-choice woman generally has more education, marries older, and has no strong religious affiliation. The pro-life woman generally has less education, marries in her late teens, and has a strong religious background, with the most popular religion being Catholicism. Luker argues that for the pro-choice woman, motherhood isn't her primary role ...

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