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Women Opting Out of Work

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Are professional women opting out of work by choice?

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The expert determines whether professional women opting out of work by choice.

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Women Opting out of Work

Are professional women opting out of work by choice? While we cannot say that this is not the case, some women who are professionals in that they have the education, the training and even the experience in key companies choose, at some point in their lives, to stop working, to let go of the professional environment and choose to become domesticated wives and mothers or non-working citizens for a host of reasons. But then again, there are women, who, like Dr. Lucy Worsley of the BBC, declare that they have opted 'out of motherhood' to pursue careers and find a 'fulfilling' path in the world of careers and professional challenges. And then there are those who go the middle way - they have a job and they are also mothers - women who juggle motherhood and family for a host of reasons. But for those professional women who opt out of work, why is it that they choose to let ...

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