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Online Purchase vs. Brick and Mortar Purchase

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Describe a recent online purchase and a recent brick and mortar purchase. Discuss how the three resource costs of time, monetary, and energy/paycheck affected your decision to purchase each.

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Recent studies have concluded that the retail figures have actually increased by more than three per cent last year and at the same time; internet shopping is starting to pick up and grow. People have definitely not stopped shopping from physical stores but there is a mix of both online and brick and mortar purchases and with more people opting to shop through the internet. (executivestyle.com)

Among the most popular items that were purchased online are travel goods and services, concern/event/movie tickets, and household appliances, computers and furniture. Most of those who shop ...

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- Research study results on online shopping and brick and mortar shopping
- Comparison of internet and actual physical stores shopping; online purchases vs. brick and mortar purchase.