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Marketing: 4 P's On and Offline

In what ways do the 4 P's differ in an online environment than they would for a brick-n-mortar retail business model? Give specific examples of products (goods and/or services) and the companies that provide them.

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In terms of the 4 P's, we have product, price, place, and promotion. When we have an online environment, the merchant must use the 4 P's strategically different due to the inherent limitations of being online, and having no physical presence with the customer. The products must be promoted in a way that immediately attracts the customer, and must show quality through words, graphics, and other means. In the typical brick and mortar store, the customer can actually pick up and turn on or otherwise fidget with the actual product. In terms of price, the online merchant needs to stay competitive, just as the brick and mortar store. Because a greater number of ...

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This solution discusses the ways that the 4 P's of marketing differ in an online environment as compared to a brick-and-mortar location. Specific examples are included in the discussion.