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    Consumer Research: Shopping on the Web

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    Books and computer software products sell effectively on the web. Publishers and third parties sell both from sleek websites all over the world.

    Please interview 3 consumers, one from each of the following age groups:

    18-25 year old
    26-45 year old
    46 years or above (you may vary the ages slightly)

    Determine which they purchase more of online: books or software. Be sure to find out reasons behind their answers.

    Do they prefer buying from websites and having products delivered?
    Is shopping at a bricks and mortar establishment preferable?
    Do they do a little of both: online shopping and bricks and mortar?
    For your post, compare and contrast responses. What are the implications for sellers? (3 paragraphs total for the post).

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    So I asked some family and friends to help with this and it was very interesting to see how their answers were very similar in nature.

    I will breakdown the answers by age.

    Determine which they purchase more of online: books or software.

    18-25 year old: These groups of people are young, hip, know what they want, and know how to achieve what they want. So the opportunity to purchase software online is easy, especially since often they can download the program right after purchase. Since they are tech savvy, they are able to figure out how to install the program and start using it right away. They also have the computer skills to call the 1-800 numbers and get help over the phone. Regarding books, they also like to purchase books online. Often the price is much cheaper, and it gets delivered right to their door.

    However, basing the answer on sheer volume, they purchase books more often due to the fact that books are a fraction of the cost of software. As well, they have more need for books then software. This was unanimous.

    26-45 year old: These groups of people are also quite technical. They are also used to shopping online, have no hesitation in doing so. But unlike their younger counterparts, they have much more disposable income, so it gives ...

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