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Demand and Consumer Purchasing Characteristics

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1. Can a company create demand for a new product?

2. What are the differences between business and consumer purchasing characteristics?

3. What are the differences between online and off-line buyer characteristics?

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1. A company can create demand for any new or old product. In the USA, one can sell almost anything from a ball on a string that one calls a Yo Yo? to the ornaments of Pet Rocks? to the concept of repackaging the same information (by selling it in a slightly new way) by changing a product's "label" or book "cover" - anything is possible.

2. The differences between business and consumer purchasing characteristics are that "business" purchases are not psychology the same as personal-consumer purchases. Consumer Buying Behavior or characteristics refer to the buying behavior ...

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This is a discussion on the concept of demand, purchasing characteristics of consumer and businesses of traditional and e-business buyers.

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