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Marketing strategy

How does the development of marketing strategy differ in the cases of a producat or service being mass marketed and on that is focused on one or more particular segemnts?

Why is the notion of derived demand so important for companies selling products adn services totoher organziations? What is an example in which a indutrial company has benefited from changes in end-consumer demand/suffered?

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Mass Markering versus Niche Marketing

Mass Markering [1]
1. Assumes that all customers have a similar need
2. Uniform promotional strategy
3. Products atre generic
4. A shotgun approach

Single Marketing Mix for the entire market [2]
All consumers have similar needs for a specific kind of product. Homogeneous market, or demand is so diffused it is not worthwhile to differentiate, try to make demand more homogeneous.

One Pricing strategy
One Promotional program aimed at everybody
One Type of product with little/no variation
One Distribution system aimed at entire market

The elements of the marketing mix do not change for different consumers, all elements are developed for all consumers.

Examples include Staple foods-sugar and salt and farm produce. Henry Ford, Model T, all in black.

Popular when large scale production began. Not so popular now due to ...