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Business-to-Business Marketing

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What is business to business marketing and how is it different from business-to-consumer (B2C) marketing? What is the role of the internet in today's business marketing environment? If you have ever purchased anything for your company, what rules and regulations did you have to follow? If you were marketing a product or service for your company (imaginary company) to another business, where would you start? Please try to incorporate key terms and concepts from the materials and use examples, if possible.

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B2B vs. B2C Marketing

Kotler and Keller (2006) noted the following as among the basic differences between business and consumer markets:
1. B2B marketing involves fewer but larger buyers.
Compared to the consumers markets, business buyers are fewer in number. However, they buy in bulk, depending on the business needs.

2. Closer supplier-customer relationship
This is a way by which a marketer retains a business with an industrial (or business) buyer. Otherwise, the business buyer would be lost to a competitor. Such a relationship is maintained through compliance to terms and conditions agreed upon; maintenance of marketing/production capabilities; consistency of product /service quality; and continuous attempt to show concern of the buyer's business performance.

3. Involvement of professional purchasing
Businesses normally involve professionals (experts) in the company's purchasing functions. This is because such a function would have chain effects to the company along production, marketing, and finance operations.

4. Several buying influences are expected
Several parties may influence buying decisions - the department head that is in need of the materials/services, top management, and middle managers. These parties ...

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Business to business marketing are examined. How it is different from Business-to-consumer marketing is determined.

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